Hi Basil, I just had some quiet time to go through your entire site again.
I know how difficult it is to evoke some sort of emotion from someone looking at your photograph, BUT you have really done it!
I look forward to sharing some more of your images and work, and hope to be able to show you my progression with the lovely camera I am now using...many thanks!

Love your photos

Hello Basil - I came across your link via the FG updates and even though I have no idea who you are and where you are in the world - I just had to say how much I LOVED some of your pics...The black and white pics are awesome..So appreciate the "Gate at the Sultan's Palace" and the Park bench..
Fabulous stuff
An appreciative public!
Juanene Frydman

Formula 1

Hi again Baz
Wow, you travel to some very cool places...must be fun.
I had no idea you were into F1...I am a huge fan and follow closely.
Now certified as a Professional Life Coach , specializing in Happiness and Relationships.The plan is to have my practice up and running by 14th August.I am really thrilled because I'm finally running down my dream!!!
Mark Baillie aka Bades

Special Moments

Hi Basil
Just love all of your website! Your essays are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your world and how everyday moments impacts our lifes.
I'm a cat person too, with 2 "old" cats and recently rescued triplets from a life at the SPCA. They are turning the house upside down but we adore them.
Love the photo's and it was great meeting you on The Deset Light and sharing those special sunrises and sunsets with you and the others. We surely made some great photo memories.
Love & Light
Susan Greeff

Namibia and more

Hi Basil
Thanks so much for sharing your incredible photography and soulful essays . Your fun loving banter on the Desertlight Workshop gave us so many laughs . Thanks for helping make my memories of Namibia so special.
Ev Thomas

Old friendships

Hi Baz
Swanee put me in touch with your link...beautiful; I love your work.
From the writing it sounds like you really did have a stent inserted...if so I hope all is going well.

I would love to hear from you has been too long
Mark Baillie aka Bades


Hi Basil, came to your site via Fairy Godmother. Your work is Fantastic. WOW such an inspiration.



Thank you for looking at my photographs and reading my essays. Here are some comments from other visitors.

Basil Stathoulis